Rapid Access

Rapid Access icon:
icon when shown when shown
icon when hidden when hidden

The Rapid Access interface allows quick access to frequently used items, including data and tools. It is shown automatically at Chimera startup instead of the standard graphics window, but it can be hidden/shown at any time by clicking the lightning-bolt icon near the bottom right of the window, or hidden automatically by opening 3D data, whether via the File menu, the command open, the system command line at Chimera startup, or Rapid Access itself. Closing a session (with the File menu or the command close session) will also show the interface.

Rapid Access sections:

Clicking most items in Rapid Access will hide the interface, revealing the Chimera graphics window. To open recent data without dismissing Rapid Access, press the Shift key while clicking the data-source button.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / April 2013