Chimera Commands Index

scene scene_namesave | reset [ frames ] )

~scene ( scene_name | all )

scene list

The scene command saves and restores scenes.

** Scenes are under development and do not include all aspects of Chimera. Including scenes in saved sessions may significantly increase session file size and time to restore. **

A Chimera scene includes:

The save keyword indicates saving the current scene as scene_name. The reset keyword indicates restoring the named scene over the specified number of image update frames (default 1). Scenes can also be saved and restored using the Animation tool, or restored from Rapid Access.

Saved scenes are included in saved Chimera sessions. To decrease the size of session files, scenes can be “forgotten” (deleted) using ~scene, either individually by name or all at once.

The list keyword indicates that the names of all saved scenes should be listed in the Reply Log and the Animation dialog (if active, otherwise the Chimera status line).

See also: savepos, reset, fly, save, movie-related commands