Fetch by ID

Files can be retrieved from various databases and opened in Chimera with File... Fetch by ID. Internet connectivity is required to fetch files over the Web. The command open can also fetch files by ID. Fetched files can be cached in a local download directory and reused as needed depending on the Fetch preferences, PDB preferences, and whether the option to Ignore any cached data is checked. See also: Rapid Access, Chimera input file types

A database and corresponding identifier (ID code) must be indicated. Multiple identifiers for the same database can be entered, separated by spaces and/or commas.

Clicking Fetch retrieves the indicated data and dismisses the dialog (although there is a checkbox option to Keep dialog up after Fetch). Clicking Web Page opens the home page of the chosen database if no ID code has been entered, or the specific page for the entry if a valid ID code has been entered. Only the page for the first entry is shown if multiple codes have been entered.

Clicking Set download directory opens the Fetch preferences for specifying a local directory in which to save fetched files.

Close dismisses the dialog without retrieving the data. Help brings up this manual page in a browser window.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / March 2017