Chimera Commands Index

savepos [ view_name ]

~savepos [ view_name ]

savepos list

Savepos saves the current position and associates view_name with it. If view_name is missing, the name default is used. Saved positions can be restored with reset or from the Rapid Access interface, and the command fly can generate a smooth interpolated path over a series of saved positions.

A position includes:

Unless changed with savepos, the default position is one in which the models have not been rotated or translated.

Saved positions are included in saved Chimera sessions, and a position named session-start is created automatically when a session is restored. To decrease the size of session files, positions can be “forgotten” using ~savepos view_name.

The list keyword indicates that the names of all saved positions should be listed in the status line and Reply Log.

See also: reset, fly, save, scene, movie-related commands