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A major focus of the RBVI is the development of interactive computer graphics techniques. The powerful and affordable graphics processing units now available for desktop computers enable these methods to be accessed by any scientist. The RBVI develops and provides a number of software tools, most notably the UCSF Chimera package and, more recently, its successor ChimeraX for molecular visualization and analysis, and several Cytoscape plugins, some of which link network visualization in Cytoscape with 2D and 3D structure visualization. The RBVI also provides some of the Web services used by UCSF Chimera.


The RBVI develops and hosts the Structure-Function Linkage Database, a highly curated database of enzyme families/superfamilies and associated sequence-structure-function relationships. We also maintain local copies of the Protein Data Bank structural database and a variety of protein and DNA sequence databases for browsing and similarity searching.

Computational Infrastructure

The RBVI operates a cluster of high-performance servers to provide for the compute- and data-intensive needs of our user community. In addition, local facilities include several graphics workstations equipped with special glasses for viewing in stereo, and our Visualization Vault is equiped with a high-definition stereo projector for collaborating with other scientists and for demonstrations and training.

Other Resources

An RBVI Resource User's Guide is available.

RBVI users must submit a Resource Usage Report annually.

RBVI's Security and Communications Policies are documented.

The RBVI is connected to the Internet2 advanced backbone network via CalREN, the California Research and Education Network. High bandwidth connectivity within the UCSF campus is provided by a fibre optic Metropolitan Area Network. We maintain an automated network weather report that provides a snapshot of selected network connectivity to major sites on the Internet.

Other, password protected web services are also available:

Scheduled System Downtime

Downtime scheduled for preventive maintenance or system upgrades is posted here.

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