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Visualization of Chromosome Organization in Drosophila

Thomas Goddard¹, Michael Lowenstein², and John Sedat²

¹ Computer Graphics Laboratory,
University of California, San Francisco

² Macromolecular Structure Group,
University of California, San Francisco

John Sedat's lab in the Macromolecular Structure Group at UCSF is studying the organization of chromosomes within the nucleus, the detailed architecture of the chromosomes themselves, and the functional roles this organization plays in determining chromosome behavior. They have developed new methods of three-dimensional microscopy, including computerized wide-field deconvolution microscopy for multiwavelength fluorescence imaging of living cells, and electron tomography for three-dimensional imaging in the electron microscope.

The Computer Graphics Lab is collaborating with the Sedat group to develop visualization tools for 3D microscopy data. The experimental work, data analysis, and some software development is being done by Michael Lowenstein from John Sedat's lab. Software development in the Computer Graphics Lab is being done by Thomas Goddard.

All images on this page ©2004 The Regents, University of California; all rights reserved.

Fluorescently Labeled Chromosomes

Three dimensional light microscope data showing a pair of fluorescently labeled chromosomes and model tracing the sister chromosomes.

Packaging of DNA in Chromosomes

Slice of electron microscope tomography of a Drosophila chromosome and 3 level helix model for folding 30 nm chromatin fiber into chromosome.

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