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Tool: Color Actions

Color Actions includes the same options as the Actions... Color menu, plus some additional coloring schemes. It also allows finer control than the menu over which types of items are colored (for example, cartoons only or background only) and provides access to all named colors. See also: Basic Actions, color, rainbow , coulombic , mlp

The Color Actions dialog can be opened from the menu with Actions... Color... All Options or from the Depiction section of the Tools menu, and manipulated like other panels (more...).

The lefthand section of Color Actions includes 20 commonly used named colors, same as in the Actions... Color menu.

Whereas the the extents of the coloring depend on the current selection, Coloring applies to specifies what types of items should be colored:

These “applies to” settings only affect color actions with this tool dialog, not the menu or commands.

Other colorings apply multicolor schemes:

Show all colors expands the dialog to include all of the built-in named colors.

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / December 2021