Qt QWebEngineUrlScheme

Alternative web page schemes can be registered using the manager/provider mechanishm in bundle_info.xml.

To register a URL scheme, add a provider in a bundle’s bundle_info.xml:

  <Provider name="help" manager="url_schemes" syntax="Path"/>

The required parts are the name of scheme and the manager url_schemes. There are optional keyword arguments to the provider that give access to all of the customization options of the QWebEngineUrlScheme class (see its documentation for details).

defaultPort: int

Set default port.

path: str

One of Path, Host, HostAndPort, or HostPortAndUserInformation.

flag: boolean

The flag can be one of SecureScheme, LocalScheme, LocalAccessAllowed, NoAccessAllowed, ServiceWorkersAllowed, ViewSourceAllowed, or ContentSecurityPolicyIgnored. The boolean should be true, 1, or on.