Chimera Commands Index

turn [ axis [ angle [ frames ] ] ]

Turn rotates active structures around the specified axis, defined relative to the viewer:

The center of rotation can be controlled with the command cofr or the Rotation tool. Turn is the same as roll except that the default value for frames is 1. Defaults for axis and angle are y and 3 degrees, respectively. The command turn y will generate an approximate left-eye stereo image, but the stereo left eye and stereo right eye settings in the Camera section of the Viewing Tool are preferred since they generate a more technically accurate stereoimage pair.

Not implemented: the use of turn to manipulate active bond rotations.

If angle is specified, the structure is rolled through that angle (given in degrees) for each frame. If angle has a negative value the direction of the rotation is reversed. Frames, if specified, indicates the number of image update frames over which the turn operation is carried out.

Commands continue to be processed while the requested motion is in progress. To pause command processing until the motion is finished, use the wait command. To halt an ongoing turn, use freeze.

See also: rock, roll, select, cofr, set independent, movie-related commands