Chimera Commands Index

rock [ axis [ angle [ frames ] ] ]

Rock wags active structures back and forth around the specified axis, defined relative to the viewer:

The center of rotation can be controlled with the command cofr or the Rotation tool. The default values for axis, angle, and frames are y, 3 degrees, and infinity, respectively.

The angle is the rate of rotation in degrees/frame at the fastest point in the sinusoidal period; a value of 9 corresponds to a maximum displacement of about 90 degrees. A full cycle of motion (analogous to a pendulum swing in one direction and then the other) takes 68 frames, approximately 2.3 seconds at Chimera's nominal frame rate of 30/s.

Commands continue to be processed while the requested motion is in progress. To pause command processing until the motion is finished, use the wait command. To halt an ongoing rock, use freeze.

See also: roll, turn, select, cofr, set independent, movie-related commands