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wait [ wait_frames ]

Wait suspends command processing for the given number of wait_frames or, when no argument is supplied, until all model movement has ceased. In the latter case, if a command such as roll has been activated for a given number of frames, the command following the wait command will not be executed until the roll is completed.

In addition to enforcing the ordered execution of different movement commands in all kinds of scripts, including demos, wait is useful for generating duplicate image frames. Stretches of duplicate frames correspond to periods of time where objects remain static. If motion occurs in the last few frames of a movie, due to the encoding process it may appear to end on a blur. This effect can be avoided by including a few wait frames (wait 5 or similar) at the end of scripted movie content.

The wait may be interrupted by pressing the Esc key. This breaks out of wait but does not freeze the screen (i.e., any active motion continues until completion).

See also: sleep, movie-related commands