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Tool: Change Chain IDs

Change Chain IDs changes the chain identifiers (IDs) of residues in atomic models. The corresponding command is changechains. See also: Renumber Residues, Build Structure, Altloc Explorer, Check Waters, rename, save

Change Chain IDs can be opened from the Structure Editing section of the Tools menu and manipulated like other panels (more...).

Changing To one ID:

New chain ID: [new-ID] – specify a new-ID

Changing To multiple IDs:

For each current-ID chosen from the list, a space to enter a new-ID will appear on the right.

In either case, Restrict change to selected atoms, if any allows changing only the residues with at least one atom selected (but all residues when nothing is selected).

Changing Glycosylations makes the chain IDs of any/all glycosylation chains the same as the protein chains to which they are attached. To change the IDs of only a subset of glycosylation chains, use the changechains command instead.

Clicking Apply (or OK, which also dismisses the dialog) performs the change. Close simply closes the dialog, whereas Help opens this page in the Help Viewer.

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