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Command: changechains

changechains  atom-spec  new-ID

changechains  atom-spec   current-ID-list  new-ID-list

The command changechains changes the chain identifiers (IDs) of residues containing the specified atoms. The corresponding tool is Change Chain IDs. See also: renumber, rename, build, combine, save

Either a single desired chain ID can be given, or a comma-separated list of current IDs followed by a comma-separated list of the desired IDs.

If lists are used, they must contain equal numbers of IDs, which will be paired in the order given. Ranges of IDs cannot be given. Within the set of specified atoms, occurrences of the Nth chain ID in the first list will be changed to the Nth ID in the second list. The same ID may appear in both lists; the first list is only evaluated before the changes are made.

Capitalization of the IDs is important and will be used exactly as entered.

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / July 2022