[Chimera-users] Associate Scientist/Scientist Position in Protein Engineering

Andrew Waight waight at msg.ucsf.edu
Sun Jul 7 09:39:16 PDT 2019

Dear Chimera Users

We are seeking a fresh phD graduate or postdoc with a structural,
biophysics or computational background to join our group. This  is an
excellent opportunity for anyone looking to break into the extremely
desirable field of antibody engineering for immuno-oncology.

The position entails the design, cloning, purification and in vitro testing
of multispecific antibody type molecules. The training involves in silico
design (including MD analysis) molecular biology, HEK and CHO expression,
Antibody purification and biophysical analysis including SEC, MALS, DLS,
RP, Mass Spec, Kinetic analysis (Octet) Binning, Humanization, and *in
vitro* validation including FACs analysis, immune cell activation and
cancer cell line killing assays.

Although experience is not necessary, we expect interview candidates to
have researched the above topics thoroughly and to express and explicit
interest in the field of protein engineering for immuno-oncology.

If interested, please see the link below and feel free to contact me
personally with any questions.

So sorry to the rest of Chimera-users for the spam.

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