[Chimera-users] misconfiguration error in just one user account

Harry Kao yk2385 at columbia.edu
Thu Oct 28 13:14:27 PDT 2010

On a linux workstation, a particular user is receiving the following 
error message when starting up Chimera:

Display misconfiguration.  Please increase the color quality
      (24 bit color or greater), update your display (graphics)
      driver, and/or upgrade your graphics card.  Also see chimera
      installation instructions.

This error message happened after a previous Chimera session crashed. 
The user had about 10 models open. The display setting is already at 
24bit, and the workstation has the correct Nvidia driver.

Here is what we tried:
1. On the same workstation, under a different user account, Chimera 
starts up fine, no error message.

2. I created a new empty user directory, Chimera starts up fine the 
first time and the user can re-open models he was working on. However,  
the error message returns in the next Chimera session.

Based on the observation, I am assuming there is a user-specific 
configuration/preference file that Chimera reads when starting up. 
Perhaps in that file, some display parameter is being corrupted? If so, 
where or how can I find and fix or delete such files?

Thank you.


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