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Tool: Marker Placement

Marker Placement sets the mode of interaction for manually placing markers; it controls how the place marker mouse mode works. It can be opened from the Tools menu (more...) or by clicking the place marker icon in the Mouse Modes for Right Button toolbar. See also: Volume Viewer, measure length, vseries

icon marker-placement mouse mode description
Place marker at density maximum add marker at the nearest local maximum in volume data above the threshold along the line of sight
Place marker on volume plane add marker in single-plane volume display
Place marker on surface add marker at the nearest surface point along the line of sight
Place marker at center of connected surface add marker at the geometric center of the clicked surface blob, ignoring other blobs
Link consecutively clicked markers select and link successively clicked markers
Move markers drag marker to reposition
Resize markers or links drag to adjust marker/link radii
Delete markers or links delete markers and links

There is also a checkbox option to Link new marker to selected marker as markers are added.

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