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Command: graphics

graphicsatomTriangles  Na ] [ bondTriangles  Nb ] [ ribbonDivisions  Nd ] [ ribbonSides  Ns ] [ maxFrameRate  Nf ]

graphics  restart

Normally, the fineness of atom and bond triangulation is adjusted automatically depending on the display contents (e.g., the number of atoms displayed), within the ranges of 10-2000 triangles per atom and 24-160 per bond. Automatic adjustment can be tuned in either direction with set subdivision. See also: cartoon style

The graphics command allows instead using fixed numbers of triangles:

The maxFrameRate option sets the target frame rate in ChimeraX to Nf  frames per second (initial default 60). The actual redraw rate may be lower than the target, depending on the rendering speed of the computer and the complexity of the scene.

Without options, graphics reports the current triangles per atom and bonds, ribbon divisions per residue, and maximum frame rate in the Log. The number of ribbon sides and divisions can be reported (or changed) with cartoon style, and the maximum frame rate can also be reported/changed with set.

The command graphics restart reinitiates graphics drawing after an error.

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