Chimera Commands Index

windowsize [width height]


Windowsize adjusts the dimensions of the graphics window to the specified width and height in pixels, thus also controlling the dimensions of images from copy and recorded movies. Using windowsize without arguments reports the current pixel dimensions of the window in the status line and Reply Log.

Depending on the display of other parts of the Chimera window such as the Command Line, windowsize may not reduce the dimensions of the overall window below certain lower bounds. If smaller dimensions are specified, the graphics area will be drawn at the requested size, but will be flanked by unused margins as needed to fill out the overall window. Manually resizing the overall window or using the command ~windowsize will get rid of the unused margins, making the graphics area again fill the entire window.

Windowsize can be used in nogui mode (useful when offscreen rendering is possible).

See also: startup option --geometry, copy, movie, 2dlabels, windoworigin, movie-related commands