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preset apply  typenumber | name )

preset list [ type ]

A preset is a predefined combination of display settings. The preset command can be used to apply a preset or to list the available presets in the Reply Log. See also: alias, represent, ribrepr, ribscale, surface, set, mcopy, copy, tips on preparing images

Presets are grouped by type:

The command preset apply has the same effect as choosing the corresponding entry from the Presets menu. A specific preset is indicated by type and either number or name (case-dependent). The command preset list sends a list of presets of the specified type (all types, if not specified) to the Reply Log. The keyword (apply or list), type, and name can be truncated to unique strings.


preset app int all
- apply the “all atoms” interactive preset
preset apply pub 1
- apply publication preset #1
preset list c
- list all custom presets in the Reply Log

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / May 2015