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cofr [ view | models | front | independent | fixed ]

cofr [ atom-spec | x,y,z [ coordinateSystem N ]]


If no arguments are supplied, cofr reports the coordinates of the current center of rotation in the laboratory frame of reference. These values are also reported in the Rotation tool. The center can be shown with “+” crosshairs in the graphics window with the command set showCofR.

The keyword options specify center of rotation method:

The remaining options specify a particular fixed center of rotation. An atom-spec can include any combination of atoms and surface pieces; the center of rotation will be set to the center of the bounding sphere of the specified items. Alternatively, the center can be entered as coordinates x,y,z in a specified coordinate system. The coordinateSystem can be specified by reference model number N, optionally preceded by #; otherwise, the laboratory frame of reference will be used.

The center of rotation can also be controlled with the Rotation tool.

See also: center, focus, move cofr, set independent, Mouse preferences, 3D manipulation, movie-related commands, Set Pivot and Focus in the Actions menu