See the Tools section of the Chimera User's Guide for a listing of tools (extensions) and their individual manual pages.

There are several ways to start a tool:

Some tools can also be started by choosing the corresponding function from the Model Panel or by using an accelerator. Depending on the tool, something may happen right away, or dialog boxes requesting input files or parameter settings may appear.

Instances of certain tools that have been started or data tables that have been generated during a Chimera session are available from the Tools menu, allowing them to be raised, hidden, or quit. For example, if the Command Line has been started, it can be hidden by choosing Tools... Command Line... Hide; if a Multalign Viewer window displaying the alignment file apoex.fa becomes obscured by other windows, it can be raised with Tools... MAV - apoex.fa... Raise.

Regardless of whether they represent instances of tools, Chimera active dialogs can be raised using Rapid Access.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / June 2011