Renumber Residues Renumber Residues icon

There are several ways to start Renumber Residues, a tool in the Structure Editing category. It is also implemented as the command resrenumber. See also: Build Structure, Change Chain IDs, modifying and saving data

The residues to renumber can be indicated as:

The indicated residues from each chain will be renumbered starting from the entered integer. In other words, numbering will start over for each chain rather than incrementing from the previous chain.

Clicking Apply or OK (which also dismisses the dialog) applies the renumbering, if possible. If the renumbering would produce one or more duplicate residue numbers within a chain, an error message will appear and the numbering will not be applied.

Close dismisses the dialog; Help opens this manual page in a browser window.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / October 2011