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Attribute Calculator generates new numerical attributes from existing ones. The calculated attribute values, or even simply the values of an existing attribute, can be written to a file.

There are several ways to start Attribute Calculator, a tool in the Structure Analysis category.

One must specify a name for the attribute to be created and whether it will be an attribute of atoms, residues, or molecules (molecule models). The name must be an alphanumeric string without spaces; it can include underscores, but should not begin with a underscore, digit, or capital letter. Atom attributes with names containing area, volume, or charge (after word separation by camel case and/or underscores) will be totaled automatically to give the corresponding residue attributes.

The Formula is an arithmetic expression. Supported operators are + (addition), (subtraction), * (multiplication), and / (division). Parentheses can be used for grouping.

Terms in the expression can be: Several options further affect the calculation and attribute assignment:

OK performs the calculation/assignment and dismisses the dialog. Apply performs the calculation/assignment without dismissing the dialog. Close dismisses the dialog, and Help opens this manual page in a browser window.

The formula is not reevaluated automatically; if any constituent attribute values change, OK or Apply must be used again to recalculate the result with the new values.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / March 2014