Chimera Commands Index

reset [ view_name [ frames [ method ] ] ]

reset list

Reset restores models to a default position or one previously saved with savepos. A view_name is specified when a position is saved. If view_name is missing, the name default is used.

A position includes:

Unless changed with savepos, the default position is one in which the models have not been rotated or translated.

Saved positions are included in saved Chimera sessions. When a session is saved, the current position is automatically saved with the view_name session-start.

Reset restores the named position over the specified number of image update frames (default 1). For frames > 1, an interpolation method (default linear) is used to generate a path from the current position to the named position. Currently, interpolation does not work with the default position, and the only method available is linear.

The list keyword indicates that the names of all saved positions should be listed in the status line and Reply Log.

If a model that was included in a saved position is no longer present when the position is restored, everything else will still be restored. If some new model has been opened and assigned the same ID number as the model that was closed, the new model (but not any per-model clipping plane) will be treated as if it were the one included in the saved position.

See also: savepos, push/pop, window, matrixset, movie-related commands