Chimera Commands Index

matrixget [ filename ]

matrixset [ filename ]

Matrixget writes the current transformation matrices to a file named filename. Matrixset reads matrices from the file named filename (in the format written by matrixget) and applies transformations accordingly. If filename is omitted, a dialog for specifying the name and location will appear. For matrixget only, if a single dash is used as the filename, the matrix information will be sent to the Reply Log.

Each matrix is of the form

Model 0.0
	0.688816 0.672651 -0.270321 -3.40168
	0.327689 0.0437142 0.943774 1.87208
	0.646647 -0.738668 -0.190309 11.6143
where the first line indicates model.submodel number (with submodel number of zero for models not subdivided into submodels). The next three lines begin with tabs and contain a 3x3 rotation matrix and (in the fourth column) a translation vector. Scale is not specified.

When multiple models are present, multiple matrices will be written to/read from the same file. An error message will appear if there is no model present for one or more of the matrices read with matrixset.

See also: matrixcopy, reset