Movement Mouse Mode Movement Mouse Mode icon

Movement Mouse Mode enables moving just part of a structure with the mouse. The movable part can be a selection, chain, or element of secondary structure. This tool allows making coarse modifications to structures, after which their coordinates can be saved.

There are several ways to start Movement Mouse Mode, a tool in the Movement category.

The dialog controls which items will rotate and translate in response to mouse manipulations:

The buttons assigned to rotation, XY-translation, and Z-translation (as shown in the Mouse preferences) are not changed, only what they control.

Nonstandard movements (by mouse modes other than Normal) occur regardless of model activation status. There is no consideration of what is physically reasonable; any bonds between movable and immovable parts will simply stretch and distort. Nonstandard movements can be undone and redone by clicking the Undo Move and Redo Move buttons, respectively. A history of up to 100 nonstandard movements is stored. Positions are only logged after pauses in motion of at least 1 second. (The separate Undo/Redo Move tool handles only standard movements.)

The center of rotation is as described in the Rotation tool, except that only the movable atoms are considered when calculating the bounding box for the center of models method.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / October 2007