Undo Move Undo Move icon and Redo Move Redo Move icon

Undo Move allows backtracking through the most recent model positions. This is useful when a structural alignment or docking of models relative to one another is accidentally destroyed by moving one or more models when the others are fixed. Redo Move allows previously undone movements to be reapplied. There are several ways to call Undo Move and Redo Move, tools in the Movement category.

As soon Chimera is started, the positions of all open models are stored whenever motion stops for at least one second, a new model is opened, or Undo Move or Redo Move is used. The many intermediate positions that occur during motions are not recorded. Only rotations and translations are recorded, not scale, clipping plane positions, or other Camera settings. Only the 100 most recent sets of positions are saved.

When Undo Move is used to to regenerate positions saved before a model was opened, that model is not moved.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / April 2005