[Chimera-users] splitting and surfaces

A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Thu Aug 18 10:57:55 PDT 2016

I am working on a large multi subunit structure (4CR2). Originally I
selected one of the subunits, and received the error message that suggested
I should  use the split command. Which I did and obviously I must have been
successful in splitting the subunits.


Each of the subunits is now labelled as being split, i.e. (#0.14) etc.

I was successful in showing the surfaces of 4 subunits, and colored them

However, when I tried to show the surface of one of the subunits with 437
residues, (several residues cannot be resolved) I received this error


One subunit which I successfully was able to show the surface in the image
had 467 residues and also had a large number of residues that were not

So I am stuck!

Your help would be appreciated.

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