[Chimera-users] measure rotation command questions

Joseph Atherton j.atherton at mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk
Thu Aug 11 04:47:05 PDT 2016


When I use the command 'measure rotation' I get a matrix in the reply log.

1) The fourth column is 'translation'. At most the translation I see is 
5 Angstrom, so how do I get these numbers (see below)? I also have a 
shift along axis reported, which seems a more reasonable number, but 
what if the shift is in a a different vector to the axis?

2) I can get depiction of the rotation axis, but can I also get a 
depiction of the translation vector?



Position of model2 (#20) relative to model1.pdb (#1) coordinates:
   Matrix rotation and translation
      0.98820614  -0.14982292  -0.03165001  43.44553134
      0.14930460   0.98862441  -0.01816347 -23.90940685
      0.03401127   0.01322376   0.99933396  -9.65968865
   Axis   0.10195507  -0.21328736   0.97165512
   Axis point 180.93496764 275.63881775   0.00000000
   Rotation angle (degrees)   8.85455905
   Shift along axis   0.14318049

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