[Chimera-users] UHBD map, generated with APBS

Feldman-Salit, Anna anna.feldman-salit at h-its.org
Tue Jan 20 02:11:01 PST 2015

My current "strange" problem:

I use APBS stand-alone to generate electrostatic potential for a protein in PQR format. What I do is to ask for output in UHBD (GRD not DX) format. Unfortunately, the generated GRD file is not read by CHIMERA, which upsets me... Strange, but VMD seems to be less sensitive to the GRD generated with APBS to visualize the map.

Another point:
I am very glad that CHIMERA computes potential. Do you think one could save it not only in DX format? Maybe you could suggest me a way to convert DX to UHBD format?

Thank you!
Have a lovely working day!



Dr. Anna Feldman-Salit

Molecular and Cellular Modeling (MCM) Group
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69118 Heidelberg, Germany
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