[Chimera-users] odd chimera benchmark performance

Dan Lin asolarian at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 23:53:30 PDT 2015


I was wondering if anyone had any experience tracking down performance
problems in chimera.

I've noticed that I am getting really sluggish performance when managing a
lot of atoms, even when everything is shown as backbone traces only.

To take a look at the performance, I ran the benchmark and got the
following numbers:

Volume benchmark scores
 surface    mesh  contour  solid  recolor
     981    1291     280     589     393

Null Wire Stick BStick Ribbon Sphere Ops
6249.5 158.7 1.5 0.9 27.4 0.4 89.3

compared to a benchmark posted on the website of the same graphics card:

2125 2026 302 512 491

213 492 452 3259 169 128

Apparently I'm getting awful benchmarks for most of the molecule
benchmarks, while the volume performance is pretty comparable. I re-ran the
molecule benchmarks to make sure they were reproducible and got pretty much
the same numbers.

Would anybody have any suggestions for figuring out what's going on?

For reference, I'm running ubuntu 12.04 with up to date nvidia drivers for
a GTX 560 Ti.

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