[Chimera-users] Constrained movements

Damien Larivière damien.lariviere at fourmentinguilbert.org
Wed Aug 7 09:14:45 PDT 2013

Dear all,

The image below shows 2 chains opened separately from 2 PDB files.

I would like to move only the cyan chain. For that, I just have to 
deactivate the white chain. BUT I would also like to keep fixed a 
specific atom of the cyan chain, for instance the cyan atom in the red 
circle. This way this atom serves as a pivot point.

I know that I can use "Constrained Move". If I understand well, the 
"origin" is either 0,0,0 or the center of a model bounding box, not a 
selected atom.

Is it possible to manage this?

Many thanks for your help


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