[Chimera-users] Chimera: Myosin thick filament movie

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Apr 27 23:12:10 PDT 2011

Hi Rogelio,

   The myosin thick filament movie in the Chimera animation gallery was 
made in 2006 using a 700 line python program I wrote.  Fortunately 
Chimera animation capabilities are much better now, so I've made a 
Chimera command script that makes the same movie in Chimera 1.5.2 (Jan 
2011), about 150 commands.  I've attached the script.  It of course 
requires the myosin data files to work.  So I've put the script and data 
files in myomovie.zip and put a link to that in the animation gallery 
with the myosin animation (will appear after web site is rebuilt tonight).


To create the movie you open the myomovie.py Chimera session then open 
the myomovie.cmd command script.  Rendering this movie takes about 15 
minutes (for about 70 seconds of final video, 1760 frames) using the 
high quality supersample 3 option set in the script.

   The myosin movie is somewhat complex.  There are about a half dozen 
simpler movie making command scripts with links on the animation gallery 
page.  We don't have a separate movie scripts web page, although that is 
a nice idea.

   There is a movie making tutorial on the Chimera tutorials page


and there are details about all the commands in the Chimera User's Guide



> Hi Tom,
> I have been recently looking at the animation gallery of Chimera and I
> was wondering if I could get a copy of the script used to make the
> Myosin movie,
> Do you guys have a repository of scripts used for the displayed movies?
> I am working with a helical map and I would like to try to implement a
> similar animation for my maps,
> thanks a lot for your help and consideration
> --
> Rogelio A. Hernandez Lopez
> Leschziner Lab
> Harvard University
> 305.G NWB
> 52 Oxford Street, Room 305
> Cambridge, MA 02138
> http://www.mcb.harvard.edu/Leschziner/

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