[Chimera-users] making movies with MorphMap, exporting povray scenes, FitMapInMap

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Feb 14 09:42:52 PST 2007

Hi Christos,

  The problem using the Record button on the Morph Map tool was that it 
was always writing the movie in Quicktime format no matter what format 
you actually chose.  Thanks for identifying the problem.  I've fixed it 
and the updated version is on the experimental features web page:


  Greg Couch works on the Chimera povray code and will answer that part 
of your email.

  I didn't put the fit map in map tool on the experimental features page 
because it is part of the standard Chimera distribution available in 
version 1.2318 (snapshots for linux and ppc mac only).  We will soon 
(within a week?) have a new Chimera snapshot on all platforms that 
includes fit map in map.

  It is not yet possible to save a map fit into another map in a new map 
file.  The trouble is that none of the map file formats can include a 
rotation so it would be necessary to resample the data on a new grid.  
That can reduce the resolution.  Still we plan on offering that in the 
future.  You can currently save a Chimera session and the rotated map 
position is recorded.  But of course that is not useful for importing 
the rotated map into other software.


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