[Chimera-users] making movies with MorphMap, exporting povray scenes, FitMapInMap

Gatsogiannis, Christos gatsogia at uni-mainz.de
Wed Feb 14 05:14:42 PST 2007

Dear Chimera users and developers,

recently I used the new morph map tool and  it worked very nice in my case. 
I encountered a problem while exporting the animation in any movie-format within Morphmap, I just get empty or very small files, which cannot be displayed in any media-player. I  decided then to use  the chimera-movie recorder utility to record the morphing animation and this worked fine (I´ve tested this with mpeg-2 format). At the moment I´m using the chimera-version 1.2309 in a SUSE LINUX 9.2 environment. Is this a version problem or a bug?

Furthermore, I´ve exported some scenes in the povray format and I´ve noticed that the final images are of lower quality in comparison with images made some months ago with older chimera versions. I haven´t changed the  povray-version, the rendering settings and  the settings for the visualisation of my data in chimera (brightness etc...). The colors are too pale, I could send you  some example-images if needed.

I´ve tried also the Fit Map in Map tool recently and it worked perfectly (you sent this tool to a group-colleague  some months ago). I´m wondering why you didn´t put this tool on the experimental site yet....and one more last question...after using Fit Map in Map, is there any possibility to save the "fitted" map with it´s new orientation?



Christos Gatsogiannis
Institute of Zoology
Johannes Gutenberg University
55099 Mainz, Germany

Tel: +49(0)6131-39-23091
email: gatsogia at uni-mainz.de

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