[Chimera-users] copy and paste a model

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Aug 22 08:43:09 PDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

  The volume path tracer markers are saved in session files so you can 
use saving and restoring a session to duplicate them.  For IMOD surfaces 
you will just have to open them a second time.  To get them to match the 
position of the already open IMOD surfaces in cases where you have moved 
some models relative to others you would use the Model Panel / Transform 
As button to match the positioning of the IMOD copy surface model to its 
twin.  When you open a new model in Chimera and already opened models 
have been moved relative to one another, the new model will get the same 
positioning matrix as the already opened model with lowest id number.  
The id numbers are reported in Model Panel (starting at 0).  This is why 
the "Transform As" operation may be needed.


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