[Chimera-users] copy and paste a model

William Jeffrey Triffo triffo at rice.edu
Tue Aug 21 18:17:10 PDT 2007

is there a way to do the same kind of duplicate on the surfaces imported 
from IMOD, or the chimera markers from Volume Path Tracer?


Thomas Goddard wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>   There is no copy and paste capability for models in Chimera.  The 
> simplest way to copy and paste everything is to save a session, then 
> open it.  Chimera ask if you want to close the already open models and 
> you say no.  This method of course only works if all your displayed 
> models are included in Chimera session files.  You can also duplicate 
> individual volume models in their current orientations with the volume 
> dialog File / Duplicate menu entry.
>   Once you duplicate the models use Model Panel to activate only the 
> copied models so they can be moved as a group so they do not exactly 
> overlay the original models.
>     Tom

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