[Chimera-users] odd glare when volume rendering

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Aug 2 17:00:21 PDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

   You can send an image to chimera-users.  Messages over 40 Kbytes have 
to await approval before posted though.

   Solid rendering has no directional lighting as you can verify 
changing the light source direction using Tools / Viewing Controls / 

   The default solid rendering mode uses OpenGL 2D textures stacked up 
along the data axis (x,y, or z) most in line with your view.  You 
probably are seeing artifacts related to that.  You can try switching 
off "Solids using 2D textures" in the volume dialog "Solid rendering 
options" panel.  With a high-end graphics card that will use 3-D 
textures that don't have as many artifacts.  If your graphics card does 
not support 3D textures you will just see an outline box with no data.


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