[Chimera-users] Chimera-users Digest, Vol 42, Issue 19

Jonathan Hilmer jkhilmer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 13:09:12 PDT 2006

Although this does not relate to your question on licensing, is there
any particular reason you're using such a complicated workflow?
Chimera can be used to generate basic geometry (sphere/cylinder) from
PDB files via povray, but so could any import system you have for the
3D modeling software.  You would also lose the benefit of
chemistry-centered structure for manipulation or selection: chains,
residues, etc.

I've been using Blender to handle complicated chemical models for a
while now, and it wasn't that difficult to implement the import of
various data types.  With BioPython pdb files become trivial, and
volumetric data sets are (very) difficult but possible.


> Hello-
> Do any of you have an idea of how much a single commercial license for Chimera would cost?
> I'm a 3D artist/animator/biology student that works at in the art dept. of a biotech company. I'm interested in the exporting .pdb files to .pov, then converting to .3ds to import to 3ds max.
> Thanks,
> Lydia Jablonski

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