New Features

See the change log for a more detailed list of changes for each Sparky version.

Version Date Description
3.92 5/9/00 Added ucsfdata options to change axis nuclei, referencing, sweep widths, ...
3.90 4/18/00 Commands to select assigned peaks (pF), intra residue peaks (pR), sequential peaks (pS), ...
3.89 3/16/00 New crossdiagonal assignment copy (aX) and crossdiagonal ornament copy (oX) commands
3.88 3/13/00 Improved AutoAssign and strip plot dialogs
3.81 2/14/00 Added Python extension to produce XPLOR restraint lists
3.78 1/25/00 Optimized pipe2ucsf, vnmr2ucsf, bruk2ucsf for 2-10 fold speed up
Project spectrum from 3D to 2D with new ucsfdata options
3.77 1/5/00 Rainbow colored contour levels
3.76 11/15/99 More options added to AutoAssign interface
3.72 10/12/99 Peak lists for input to DYANA
Peak lists for input to MARDIGRAS
Multiple level zoom previous (zp) and zoom next (zn)
Peak picking minimum drop off filter (kt)
3.71 8/17/99 Align spectra by matching peak positions
3.70 8/17/99 Curve fit relaxation data
3.68 5/18/99 Interface to run AutoAssign, protein backbone assigner
Reposition assigned protein fragment using chemical shift statistics
Create a back calculated spectrum using CORMA
3.67 4/12/99 Assignment tool using spin graphs
3.65 2/8/99 Command for restricted peak picking along strips
3.64 1/26/99 Added strip plot extension
3.60 10/27/98 Trial version is now fully functional for a few months
3.59 10/12/98 Microsoft Windows version of Sparky distributed
3.57 9/8/98 Help buttons on all core dialogs show documentation with Netscape
3.51 5/21/98 Many new peak integration features
3.49 5/4/98 Contour scale to display contour levels and adjust them with the mouse
3.43 2/19/98 Find mirror peaks in NOESY-HSQC spectra
3.42 2/10/98 Check assignment distances in PDB model
3.39 1/8/98 bruk2ucsf for converting Bruker processed data to UCSF format
Bruker processed data directly readable by Sparky
3.37 11/18/97 Read peak list and create peak markers on spectrum
Spin graph vertex and edge display of assignments
3.30 9/18/97 Show peak info (linewidth, volume, position) at bottom of views
vnmr2ucsf for converting Varian processed 2-D data to UCSF format
3.29 9/9/97 assignment label format option in view settings dialog
3.28 8/21/97 click on assignment table entry to bring up resonance peaks
3.21 6/24/97 open Felix matrices in Sparky
3.16 6/9/97 write your own Python code to extend Sparky
3.14 5/12/97 table of chemical shifts where rows are groups, columns are atoms
new view synchronization dialog
resonance panels thinned using assignment guesses
3.13 5/1/97 handle 4-D spectra
integrate 3-D and 4-D peaks by fitting
3.12 4/24/97 Display assignments on a structure with Midas
3.11 4/21/97 DB directory no longer used
3.10 4/14/97 Overlay contours of one spectrum on another
3.6 3/18/97 Show information about spectrum views in a view list
Dialog to rename atoms and groups
Integration dialog option to lock peak positions
3.3 3/4/97 delete resonances not used in any assignments
3.1 2/20/97 automatically write backup files every x minutes
3.0 1/10/97 Sparky web site for the latest distribution and documentation