Command Index



File commands

file open UCSF NMR data, a Felix matrix, or a Sparky spectrum file
file savefs save a Sparky spectrum annotation file
file save as...fa save spectrum with a new name
project open several spectra at once
project savejssave all spectra
project save as...ja save project with a new name
preferences...pfmiscellaneous settings

View commands

axes in Hertzxh display view scale axes in Hz
axes in ppmxp display view scale axes in parts per million
axes show indexxd show data index values on view scales
axis nucleus typesxa show nucleus type (1H, 13C, 15N) on axes
axis rollxr exchange axes keeping center point of fixed
axis transposexx zoom to cross-diagonal region of spectrum
center view on peakvc center a view on the selected peak
orthogonal viewsov show 3 orthogonal views of a 3-D spectrum
region gotorg zoom to a named region
region tool...rt name regions of a spectrum
renumber viewrv renumber view name to use lowest available suffix number
show axis scalesvs show scales (ppm, hz, or index units) along view axes
show gridsgs toggle display of grids
show labelsls toggle display of labels
show linesis toggle display of lines
show ornamentsos toggle display of all ornaments
show peaksps toggle display of peaks
show peak groupsxs toggle display of peak groups
show peak infovp show peak position / height / linewidth in status bar
show resonancesvR show resonances along edge of spectrum
show scrollbarsvb show scrollbars for view windows
show slicesvS show 1-D data cross-sections along edge of spectrum
view duplicatevdmake another view window
view hidevhundisplay a view
view redrawvrredraw the view (in case it gets messed up)
view settings...vt set crosshairs, aspect ratio, slices, ...
zoom fullzf show entire spectrum
zoom inzi zoom in by a factor of 2
zoom outzo zoom out by a factor of 2
zoom downzd move down a plane in a 3D spectra
zoom upzu move up a plane in a 3D spectra
zoom previouszp zoom to the previously shown region
zoom nextzn reverse of zoom previous (zp) command

Peak commands

add sweepwidtha1 a2 a3 a4 adjust peak w1,w2,w3,w4 frequency one sweepwidth downfield
subtract sweepwidthA1 A2 A3 A4 adjust peak w1,w2,w3,w4 frequency one sweepwidth upfield
reflect upfieldu1 u2 u3 u4 reflect peak w1,w2,w3,w4 frequency about upfield boundary
reflect upfieldd1 d2 d3 d4 reflect peak w1,w2,w3,w4 frequency about downfield boundary
assignment copyac remember peak assignments for assignment paste
assignment deleteaD delete the assignments of selected peaks
assignment pasteaP paste assignments onto peaks in this spectrum
assignment paste & labelap copy assignments and show labels
crossdiagonal assignment copyaX copy assignments from crossdiagonal peaks
assignment make assignments
delete unused resonancesdr delete resonances not used in any peak assignments
integration select integration method
sum over box methodib switch to box integration method
sum over ellipse methodie switch to ellipse integration method
Gaussian fit methodig switch to Gaussian fit integration
Lorentzian fit methodil switch to Lorentzian fit integration
integrate selected peakspi
ornament copyoc record ornaments for future paste operation
ornament pasteop paste ornaments into this spectrum
crossdiagonal ornament copyoX copy ornaments across diagonal of 2D homonuclear spectrum
center peakspc center selected peaks at local maxima or minima.
estimate linewidthspe get linewidth of selected peaks as width at half max
group peakspg create a peak group from selected peaks
update heightsphreread peak heights from NMR data file
label peakpl put a label on a peak using a dialog
label peakslb put assignment labels on selected peaks
unlabel peakslB Remove labels from selected peaks
unoverlap labelslu move labels so they don't overlap each other
right offset labelslr move labels so they are to the right of peak markers
lock peakspk prevent peaks from moving when integrated
select all peakspa select all peaks in a spectrum
select fully assignedpF select fully assigned peaks
select partially assignedpP select partially assigned peaks
select unassignedpN select unassigned peaks
select by colorpC select peaks by color
invert peak selectionpI invert peak selection
select aliasedpA select aliased peaks
select intra-residuepR select i to i assigned peaks
select sequentialpS select i to i+1 assigned peaks
select medium rangepM select i to i+2, i+3 or i+4 assigned peaks
select long rangepL select i to i+5, i+6, ... assigned peaks
unintegrate peakspU forget that a peak has been integrated
unlock peakspu allow selected peaks to move when integrated
undoeu undo last peak move, deletion, or integration
w1 resonance peaksr1 list assigned peaks with selected peak w1 resonance
w2 resonance peaksr2 show assigments with selected peak w2 resonance
w3 resonance peaksr3 show assigments with selected peak w3 resonance

Dialogs make assignments
assignment thresholds for copying assignments
assignment table...tb table of chemical shifts
contour levels...ct set contour levels and colors set integration method
midas...mi display assignments on a structure using Midas
ornament...ot change ornament colors and sizes
note...ntadd notes to peaks
overlay views...ol overlay contours of one spectrum on another
peak show a list of peaks for a spectrum
peak picking...kt set thresholds for find peak pointer mode
pointer modes...pmshow buttons to select pointer mode
predefined resonances...pd copy resonances from another spectrum
preferences...pfset global Sparky options
print print spectrum views to a Postscript printer
project view list...pv list of views, sizes, peak counts, ... Python shell for running your own programs
region...rt name regions and apply operations to regions
rename resonances...rr rename atoms and groups
resonance list...rl list group/atom chemical shifts, standard deviations set molecule and condition, and axis shifts
synchronize make views scroll in parallel
view...vt options controlling what is displayed in a view

Pointer Modes

selectF1 click or drag to select or move peaks, labels, lines, ...
centerF2clicking centers view on point
add grid bothF3place vertical and horizontal grid lines
add grid horzF4add a line extending across whole spectrum
add grid vertF5add a line extending across whole spectrum
add labelF6 add a text label to a peak
add lineF7add a horizontal or vertical line between end points
find / add peakF8 click to place a peak or drag to find peaks
integrateF10 click or drag to integrate peaks
zoomF11drag to select a new region to show
duplicate and zoomF12drag to zoom and duplicate a view
assignment copy sh-F1copy assignments from an already assigned spectrum
assignment guesssh-F2 make assignment if there is a unique guess