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Command: preset

presetcategory ]  preset-name

A preset is a predefined combination of display settings, or more generally, a set of actions that can be defined by the user. The built-in presets act only on atomic models, and those in the Cartoons/Nucleotides and Initial Styles categories hide any molecular surfaces. They are not all-encompassing (results depend on prior settings), and those which are more render-intensive may be slow to execute on very large structures. Presets can also be applied using the Presets menu. See also: alias, lighting, graphics, mcopy, Graphics Toolbar, making images

The preset command applies one of the following presets, here grouped by category:

The preset-name (and optional category before it) can be truncated, and capitalization is ignored. Each can be specified as a unique string occurring anywhere in the full name, but should be enclosed in quotation marks if the part that is entered includes spaces. If the string given occurs at the beginning of one name and in the middle of another, the name beginning with the string will take precedence. Examples:

preset sil    → publication 1 (silhouettes)
preset depth    → publication 2 (depth-cued)
preset 1    → publication 1 (silhouettes)
preset cylinders    → cylinders/stubs
preset ribbons    → ribbons/slabs
preset inter    → interactive
preset orig    → original look
preset surf atom    → molecular surfaces / atomic coloring (transparent)
preset ghost    → ghostly white

Matching is prioritized as follows:

  1. If a single argument (word or quoted string) is given, it is matched to preset name, any category.
  2. If multiple arguments are given:
    1. If the first argument matches a category, the rest is matched to preset name.
    2. If a match still has not been found at this point, the entire set of arguments is matched to preset name, any category.

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