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Tool: Graphics Toolbar

The Graphics Toolbar provides a series of icons for adjusting or acting on the overall display with a single click. Like other tools, this interface can be opened from the Tools menu (more...). See also: Molecule Display Toolbar, Density Map Toolbar, Mouse Modes for Right Button toolbar, making images, making movies

Clicking an icon shows the executed command(s) in the Log.

Graphics icon description command equivalent
white background set bgColor white
gray background set bgColor gray
black background set bgColor black
 default lighting: directional and ambient, no shadows lighting simple
 toggle directional shadows
(turning on directional lighting as needed to show them)
lighting shadows true
(with intensity 0.5 if it was 0)
- OR -
lighting shadows false
ambient lighting and ambient shadows lighting soft
directional and ambient lighting,
directional and ambient shadows
lighting full
ambient lighting, no shadows, silhouettes lighting flat
toggle silhouettes (outlines) set silhouettes true
- OR -
set silhouettes false
view all view cofr false
view all, standard orientation view orient cofr false
save image file  save ~/Desktop/imageN.png supersample 3

(N = 1,2, ...)

make spin movie movie record; turn y 2 180; wait;
movie encode ~/Desktop/movie

(N = 1,2, ...)

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