Chimera Commands Index

tile models [ columns N ] [ spacingFactor f ] [ independentRotation true|false ] [ viewAll true|false ]

~tile models [ viewAll true|false ]

The command tile spreads models out into a plane; it is the command-line implementation of Tile Structures. The models argument should be a comma-separated list of model numbers or ranges preceded by #, or simply # or blank (nothing) to indicate all models. A blank specification can only be used when no keywords are given.

The columns keyword specifies arranging the models into N columns in the viewing plane. If not specified, the numbers of rows and columns that best fit the window dimensions will be used.

The spacingFactor f indicates how far apart the structures should be spaced, with larger values giving greater separations. The default of 1.0 spaces the models so that their bounding spheres abut, while 0.0 superimposes the bounding sphere centers.

The independentRotation option (default true) makes models rotate about individual centers rather than a collective center; it sets the center of rotation method to independent. Specifying this option as false will not turn off independent rotation, however. Instead, rotation about a collective center can be restored with the command ~tile or ~set independent.

The viewAll option (default true) adjusts the view to enclose all displayed models regardless of whether they were specified, equivalent to clicking View All in the Side View.

The command ~tile sets the transform of all of the specified models to be the same as the first model. Any prior transformation of one model relative to another such as superposition or docking in Chimera will be lost. If such manipulations have been performed, using savepos to save the position before tiling is recommended. If the center of rotation method is independent, the command ~tile changes it to front center.

Default or previously saved positions can be restored with the command reset, while previous model transformations (but not scale or camera center) can be restored with Undo Move.

See also: align, center, matrixcopy, window, superimposing structures