Chimera Commands Index

matrixcopy from_model to_models [ moving move_models ]

Matrixcopy applies the 4x4 transformation matrix of from_model to one or more to_models. Models are indicated by integer model number, with or without a preceding # symbol.

The moving keyword allows transforming a different set of models than to_models. Normally (moving not used), just the to_models will be transformed. If moving is used, only one to_model should be given, and the move_models will move as if rigidly carried along with to_model if the from_model matrix were applied to it (even if to_model is not actually moved).


matrixcopy 0 1
matrixcopy 0 1-2
matrixcopy #1 #0,2
matrixcopy #0 #4 moving #1,2,3
The latter moves models #1-3 as if rigidly transformed along with #4 if the matrix of #0 were applied to #4.

See also: match, matchmaker, matrixget, matrixset, measure rotation, sym