Chimera Commands Index

move axis distance [ frames ]

The move command translates the selected molecule(s) along the specified axis, which may be x, y, or z. Distance is a real number in the current display units (usually angstroms); a positive value indicates translation to the right, up, or toward the user for the x, y, and z axes, respectively.

Move translates the models in the specified manner for the specified number of image update frames (default 1). These parameters are useful for controlling the rate of motion and are helpful when constructing command scripts and making videos. Commands continue to be processed while the requested motion is in progress. To prevent processing of further commands until the motion is finished, use the wait command. To halt an ongoing move, use freeze.

If the move command does not work, it is likely that the target models have not been activated for motion.

See also: freeze, select, wait, movie-related commands