Registered File Types

File types that have been registered in Chimera can be opened from:

If a tool-specific type of file is opened, the associated tool will be executed or started (if it has not been started already).

Registered File Types
type prefix suffix contents associated
(if any)
Aligned FASTA afasta: .afasta
sequence alignment Multalign Viewer
Aligned NBRF/PIR pir: .pir sequence alignment Multalign Viewer
APBS potential apbs: .dx electrostatic potential calculated with Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver (APBS) Volume Viewer
BRIX or DSN6 dsn6: .brix
crystallographic density map used by O Volume Viewer
CCP4 or MRC mrc: .ccp4
crystallographic or EM density map Volume Viewer
Chimera commands cmd:
commands (and optionally, comment lines starting with #)
Chimera demo demo: .src instructions to Chimera and explanatory text for the demo viewer Demo
Chimera markers markers: .cmm markers placed in 3D Volume Path Tracer
Chimera web data chimerax: .chimerax instructions on data files to open, commands and code to execute (can have a Chimera demo embedded)
Clustal ALN aln: .aln
sequence alignment Multalign Viewer
CNS or XPLOR xplor: .cns
unformatted ASCII density map Volume Viewer
DelPhi or GRASP delphi: .phi electrostatic potential calculated with DelPhi (the academic version; see also DelPhiController) or GRASP Volume Viewer
DMS or MS dms:
dot molecular surface Read MS/DMS
DOCK scoring grid dock: .bmp
DOCK 4 bump, contact, and energy scoring grids
(not interchangeable; gridname.bmp required for reading gridname.cnt and/or gridname.nrg)
Volume Viewer
formatted checkpoint
.fchk molecular structure
GCG MSF msf: .msf sequence alignment Multalign Viewer
GCG RSF rsf: .rsf sequence alignment Multalign Viewer
Mol2 mol2: .mol2 molecular structure
MPOSE mpose: .mpose molecular structure MPOSE
NDB ndb: nucleic acid structure
(PDB format but identified by NDB ID)
NetCDF netcdf: .nc 3D data Volume Viewer
PDB pdb: .pdb
molecular structure
Priism priism: .xyzw 3D light and electron microscope data Volume Viewer
Python python:
Python code
SCOP scop: protein domain structure
(PDB format but identified by SCOP domain ID)
SPIDER spider: .spi electron microscope density map Volume Viewer
Stockholm pfam:
sequence alignment Multalign Viewer
TOM toolbox EM density map tom_em: .em electron microscope density map Volume Viewer
VRML vrml: .vrml
graphical object