[Chimera-users] Help for Chimera launch fail

黄华 hhuang at m.scnu.edu.cn
Tue May 11 20:11:00 PDT 2021

Dear Eric Pettersen,

This is a Chimera User in South China Normal University(Guang zhou, China). 

Now, I found I can not start the Chimera even after I reinstalled. Would you tell me how could I fix this problem?

This is the message after I launch Chimera-debug:

Cannot execute 'gzip': no automatic decompression of .Z files

initializing general preferences
loading Tix
initializing graphics
Return code: -1073741819
Press return or enter to to exit

thanks for your help!



Hua Huang
Principal Investigator
School of Life Science
South China Normal University
Guangzhou, China



    华南师范大学始建于1933年,是一所学科门类齐全的国家“211 工程”重点建设大学。
  “艰苦奋斗、严谨治学、求实创新、为人师表 ”是华南师范大学校训。


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