[Chimera-users] Integer Values instead of Floats in Render by Attribute

Daniil Prigozhin DaniilPrigozhin at lbl.gov
Thu Jul 11 14:58:50 PDT 2019


I am using the latest nightly build and in the Render/Select by attribute
window the values in the Value box (defining the color scheme) are reported
as integers and accept only integer input, when in fact the Attribute that
I defined is a float, and shows up as a float. This does not happen with
"native" attributes, only with the newly defined one. Is it a problem with
the defattr function not determining/passing the data type correctly? I am
pasting the top of the attribute deffinition file below.
Many thanks,

- Daniil

attribute: shannonEntropy
match mode: 1-to-1
recipient: residues
#0:1.L 0.865
#0:2.L 0.743
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