[Chimera-users] Analysis of the protein-protein binding interphaces in MARTINI models

James Starlight jmsstarlight at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 02:23:32 PST 2017

Dear Chimera users!

I would like to make some analysis of the protein-protein binding
established in coarse-grained MARTINI simulations. Briefly Chimera has
recognized a coarse-grained pdb file of 16 martini models of GPCRs.
  What Chimera tools (e.g. contact maps, clustering of interphaces)
should work with CG models? What tricks should be used to make this
analysis easier? Because I am working with several proteins in one
system, I would like to work with its CG models without the conversion
to all atomistic representations.

I thank you so much for the help!


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